Wossy Wites Vampires

Posted by Sharon Deans on September 05, 2011 in Uncategorized tagged with , , ,

Well, clinic Jonathon Ross has just published his first graphic novel.  Turf is set in Prohibition-era New York, where corrupt cops turn a blind eye to the bootlegging gangs who have established an uneasy truce over their particular territories.  Until, that is, a new gang shows up wanting blood – literally.  Yes, the Dragonmir family are vampires!  Not content with this, Ross also throws in an alien with futuristic levels of firepower (it is a comic, after all) who, after crash-landing on Earth, sides with the humans against the vampires in order to win his ticket home.

Unfortunately this doesn’t appeal to me on any level because two of my pet hates are Jonathon Ross and graphic novels, however, if there are any Gothicists-cum-Comic-Book-Guys out there who would care to review and/or defend this, then consider this an appeal/challenge for you to come forward.

The graphics (by Tommy Lee Edwards) do look fabulous though, and a quick Google image search gave me several to pick from – I chose to omit the alien and his big gun and focus on the vampire!

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