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February is proving to be a promising month for celluloid horror. Listed below are February releases and while most have been widely advertised, there are a few less popular films that stand out amongst the “stock horror” of contemporary movie theatres. Antiviral and Chained are set for limited release, however, they are the most notable on this list. The first for the cinematic ingenuity of another Cronenberg, and the latter for its exploration of childhood exposure to gruesome violence. The trailers are linked below for your perusal:

A Cronenberg film through and through, but this time it is David’s son, Brandon Cronenberg, with his debut feature Antiviral. While not specifically a horror film, this thriller narrative explores the sickening obsession with celebrities and embraces the macabre.

Antiviral Trailer

At first glance, Chained appears to be categorized into the “Hostel / Saw Gore” group of horror, however, the inclusion of a child indicates an additional level of interpretation. A cab-driving serial killer makes the son of one of his victims into his slave and keeps him chained up in his house. The boy grows up witnessing the brutal murders of the cabbie’s prey and faces the decision of following in his mentor’s footsteps.. The trailer looks chilling.

Chained Trailer


This film is not classified as horror, but depicts the life of Hitchcock and his wife, Alma Reville, during the making of Psycho, taking a look into the life and mind of this esteemed director.

Hitchcock Trailer

Warm Bodies

The romantic zombie comedy about walking dead “R” and his love interest “Julie”. The film adaptation of Isaac Marion’s debut novel looks set to open the door for an influx of “self-knowing” zombie films.

Warm Bodies Trailer

Beautiful Creatures
Another young-adult novel to film adaptation, described as “supernatural romance”, Beautiful Creatures will set teenage hearts aflutter. The Twilight Saga has run its course and this new series might take its place. The film is about “Caster” Lena Duchannes and the choice she faces on her sixteenth birthday, a battle between good and evil. Emma Thompson plays dual roles.

Beautiful Creatures Trailer

Before Dawn
This movie looks set to reassert the zombie as a terrifying figure. While the zombie is essentially an American monster, it is the British that excel at its depiction. Animalistic and caked in blood, these are no Romero-esque zombies!

Before Dawn Trailer

Described as a “dark fairytale” and with Guillermo del Toro as executive producer, this Spanish-Canadian horror film looks promising. Touching on notions of the feral child while simultaneously including the torment and anguish of a seemingly malevolent mother spirit, Mama has the makings for a very satisfying horror movie experience. Hopefully the film will not be tainted with excessive CGI and overreaching plot twists (ahem, Insidious.)

Mama Trailer

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
The story of a grown up and deadly Hansel and Gretel is reminiscent of Van Helsing (2004) and Brothers Grimm (2005) and perhaps another steroidal fairy tale was overdue. The bounty hunters need to “up” their game as they encounter “a new form of evil that might hold a secret to their past.” While it might not be ‘Highbrow Horror’, if such a classification should even exist, Hansel & Gretel looks like an action packed extravaganza of leather clothing, crossbows and adventure, perhaps a good “pick me up” following the likes of Chained or Before Dawn.

Hansel and Gretel Trailer

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