Crowdfunding Poe: the nEvermore! anthology

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Crowdfunding Poe!

by Nancy Kilpatrick



RAVEN-moon (1)

Writers come and go and few are remembered by the general population 165 years after their death. Most writers would be happy to be even a footnote in an academic paper. For the general population, Edgar Allan Poe’s name and work have endured. Say “Nevermore” and the reference is instantly understood.

Caro Soles and I are both enamored with Poe’s work and wanted to create an anthology that allowed today’s writers to honor Poe by writing mysteries with a supernatural element, or dark fantasy/horror stories with a touch of mystery.

The publishing industry has been turned on its head in the last decade with the advent of ebooks. From bestselling authors to the midlist, to the newbie, every writer has been affected. With the ability to not just write a book but to format it for the e-world, coupled with the proliferation of a ready audience on the Internet, it seems everyone is now a writer–and willing to sell their work for 99 cents, or give it away for free. Andy Warhol was onto something, except, of course, people want much more than fifteen minutes of fame.

Books are no longer routinely vetted by knowledgeable editors. Anyone can toss their book–good, bad, ugly–out into the world and become the Amazon top download of the week when the book is free.

There are quite a few areas that this trend is eroding but the main one is the livelihood of established authors. Sales are down, publishers are faced with higher costs and lower profits. Who suffers the most? The writer.

Pulp magazines were popular during the late 1800s to the 1950. Their heyday in the 1930s saw the public paying about 10 cents for a magazine (and books were roughly 69 cents back then). Compare that to today’s prices. Writers for those 1930s pulps were paid 3 cents a word. Today, writers of short supernatural fiction are paid an average of 2 to 3 cents a word.

It’s not right, it’s not fair, and Caro and I want to change that. We wanted to make sure that ALL the writers in the anthology nEvermore! Murder, Mystery and the Macabre are paid as they should be, hence the crowdfunding. Readers can say they value literature but this is an opportunity to prove it by supporting authors. 85% of our goal goes to the writers.

Our crowdfunding campaign offers not just fun perks for donations–like Living Dead Dolls of Poe and Annabel Lee, or plush ravens from the Audubon Society– but supporters also will receive a copy of nEvermore! when it comes out in 2015. It’s a win/win, and we hope everyone will help us meet our goal.


Nancy Kilpatrick writes novels, short stories and edits anthologies. She is an award-winning author.
Caro Soles
is an author of novels and short stories and the founder of the Bloody Words Mystery Convention.
nEvermore! crowdfunding runs from October 1 to October 22. We need your support! and follow us on Twitter at @nEvermoreantho.

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