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Italian Gothic Horror

Posted by Xavier Aldana Reyes on July 15, 2013 in Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes, Guest Blog tagged with , , , , ,

Italy is a country that has a long history of production in the horror genre, and it therefore seemed like the right place to go after last week’s blog post. As I explained, France has only developed something close to an endemic horror tradition in the past two decades. By contrast, Italy’s horror credentials, although they developed relatively late in comparison to Germany, have shown a strong and committed connection to the genre.[1] After the industry’s initial explosion in the 1960s, Italy’s horror output continued unabated throughout the 1970s, when it developed alongside other s

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Live at the Witch Trials

Posted by Gary Farnell on September 03, 2012 in Dr Gary Farnell, Guest Blog tagged with

Live at the Witch Trials The Fall’s debut album in 1979 – Live at the Witch Trials – is neither live, nor is it ‘at the witch trials’. Given their staunch, not to say curmudgeonly regionalist northernism we can be sure that it is the famous 1612 Lancashire witch trials that is the reference here. What is implied is that the Fall’s music – ‘unpleasant’, scabrous and repetitive, proletarian, ragged and black-humoured – is alive with the drives emanating from that truly dark past. Their sonic world often has the ring to it of a type of haunted-house Gothicism. The witch

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Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem

Posted by Aspasia Stephanou on February 04, 2011 in News tagged with , ,

Rob Zombie will be directing a horror film about 300-year old witches haunting Salem, entitled after his eponymous song Lords of Salem.