CFP: The Uncanny in Language, Literature and Culture Thumbnail

CFP: The Uncanny in Language, Literature and Culture

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International Conference 19 August 2017 – London, UK organised by Interdisciplinary Research Foundation and London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research http://uncanny.irf-network.org/ The twentieth-century literature and culture tended to explore and to celebrate subjectivity. But this tendency did not mean the turn to the self, but beyond the self, or as Charles Taylor puts it, “to a fragmentation of experience which calls our ordinary notions of identity into question”.  In his attempts to define the uncanny Freud asserted that it is undoubtedly related to what is frightening

VII International Gothic Literature Congress CFP Thumbnail

VII International Gothic Literature Congress CFP

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VII International Gothic Literature Congress “Uncanny Transgressions” April 2016,  National Autonomous University of Mexico During the last years, Gothic Literature has just begun to be accepted as a literary field worth of study among Mexican scholars. The doors remain open to deepen into the study of a style whose manifestations go beyond the barriers represented by time, culture, genre, and art modes. Objective: After the great response received in the previous Gothic Congresses (2008 - 2014), our objective is to keep the rising interest in the Gothic among both students and sch

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Review of Nightjar Press Short Stories

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Sullom Hill by Christopher Kenworthy (2011), Field by Tom Fletcher (2011) and Remains by G.A. Pickin (2011) are just three of the tales that make up the vast collection of short story chapbooks published by the independent Nightjar press (publisher: Nicholas Royle, designer: John Oakley). With minimalist, artistic book covers exhibiting pictures of desolate and dark landscapes the short stories in this selection immediately possess an air of mystery and intrigue. Each of the three stories I read immediately gripped me as a reader and produced shivers down my spine. Each presented an inti

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Jussi Parikka’s Insect Media

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Insect Media: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology (2010) is an interesting book for those Gothic scholars whose reading list includes technology, the uncanny, metamorphoses, gaming, D&G nomadology, and media. "With Insect Media Jussi Parikka offers a theory of media that challenges our traditional views of the natural and the artificial. Parikka not only understands insects through the lens of media and mediation, he also unearths an insect logic at the heart of our contemporary fascination with networks, swarming, and intelligent agents. Such a project requires the ability to