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Black Swan: Flashdance en pointe it ain’t

Posted by Sharon Deans on January 27, 2011 in Blog, Reviews tagged with , , , , , , ,

‘Black Swan’ is an intense, dark, psychological thriller set in the rarefied world of New York ballet, and is as much about repressed sexuality as it is about sacrifice for art. Yes, it is melodramatic, yes, it is vulgar, and yes, at times, it is completely over the top. However, it is also genuinely terrifying, with every gothic convention bar the kitchen sink thrown in, and I loved it.

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Reflections on Mirrors and the Gothic

Posted by Matt Foley on October 04, 2010 in Blog tagged with , , , , ,

Some Reflections on Mirrors By Matt Foley, University of Stirling The first thing that comes to mind when ruminating over the specific role mirrors and reflections have to play in the Gothic mode is a negative instance: namely, that the vampire has no reflection. Immediately there is the problem, then, of talking about something that is missing and foreclosed, and I will come to this shortly. In general, though, what is clear is that any uncanny fall out from the staging of a subject's encounter with the mirror is symptomatic of just how important (mis)recognising our own semblance in th