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Ramsey Campbell interviewed by David McWilliam Thumbnail

Ramsey Campbell interviewed by David McWilliam

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Just in my own stuff I’ve moved from imitating Lovecraft to a more contemporary style of psychological horror (a trajectory Robert Bloch’s career also described) and tried to bring the supernatural tale up to my own date (as Fritz Leiber, another author influenced early in his career by HPL, magnificently did). Every so often I make a bid to scale the heights of awe that Blackwood and Machen’s greatest tales occupy. And maybe I’ve even discovered my own little niche in the genre, which I’d call comedy of paranoia. To sum up, I haven’t discovered the limits of the field, and I doubt I will.

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Never Let Me Go

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What disappointed me the most was that ultimately, I don't think the issue of cloning is really of all that much importance to the film, which barely touches on most of the many abstract issues that the book insists on facing and dissecting. Romanek has decided to put the focus far more on relationships. It is more a story of thwarted love and the fact that the lovers are clones at times seems almost irrelevant.