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Gothic Studies seeks New Editor

Posted by Timothy Jones on January 08, 2018 in Uncategorized tagged with ,

  Gothic Studies is looking for a new editor. Details here:

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Gothic Networking Day at MMU: a review

Posted by rebeccaduncan on July 16, 2014 in News tagged with , , , ,

At about quarter past nine on Saturday 12 July, Shannon Rollins (currently writing an excellent blog series on Steampunk for the International Gothic Association – check it out here: and I were walking through Manchester Metropolitan University on our way to the Gothic networking day organised by Linnie Blake and Xavier Aldana Reyes. A group of people had gathered outside the doors to the business school. ‘Is this it?’ I asked. ‘Don’t think so, ’ Shannon replied. ‘Not wearing enough black.’ This is one of the things I like abou

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Gothic Manchester Festival

Posted by Xavier Aldana Reyes on October 21, 2013 in News tagged with , ,

Convened by Dr Linnie Blake and Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes October sees the launch of Manchester’s Centre for Gothic Studies – the first of its kind in England.  To celebrate the occasion we will be hosting a range of events and activities from the dark side – each designed to showcase Manchester’s Gothic dimensions during the week before Halloween (21st – 27th). The festival is part of the IHSSR’s wider research programme ‘Humanities in Public’, which starts in early October with a series of public lectures on Contemporary Gothic. There will be readings from Gothic writers,

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Professor William Hughes, Bath Spa University

Posted by Glennis Byron on November 02, 2010 in News tagged with , , ,

We're delighted to announce that our next guest blogger, coming soon, will be William Hughes, Professor of Gothic Studies at Bath Spa University. Professor Hughes is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on the work of Bram Stoker and he is also one of the co-Presidents of the International Gothic Association and the editor of Gothic Studies.