Review of The Italian Gothic and Fantastic

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Glennis Byron has written a review of Francesca Billiani and Gigliola Sulis' edited volume: The Italian Gothic and Fantastic. To read the full review click here.

Upcoming Guest Blogs

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Upcoming Guest Blogs After a brief Christmas break, look out for these guest blogs over the next few months: January: Tracy Fahey, Head of Department of Humanities, IT Carlow. Gothic research interests: Irish Historic houses and the gothic. February: Helen Wheatley, Department of Film and Television Studies, University of Warwick. Gothic research interests: Gothic Television March: Colette Balmain, Department of Film, Bucks New University. Gothic research interests: Japanese and Korean Horror films, European Horror films.

Walter Scott Digital Archive

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Walter Scott's Apology (1799)

Dracula cover art Thumbnail

Dracula cover art

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A few months ago, Penguin promoted their 'My Penguin' concept (selling a number of books with blank covers, for readers to decorate as they liked) by asking some figures in the music business to design their own covers. You can see Ryan Adams's cover of Dracula here. He went with Castle Dracula as the iconic image of the novel, which I thought was an interesting choice. I've got a theory that the cover art on editions of Dracula reflects our changing interest in the novel's focus, in perhaps a more explicit sense than we see with other novels, and in that context, Transylvanian castles seem t

A Report on the papers and speakers at the Global Gothic symposium

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James Bell, a PhD student at Stirling, has written an entertaining and comprehensive report on the goings on at the recent Global Gothic syposium: 1st December. Each panel and individual papers are discussed. Click here to read James' report.  

Professor David Punter, Cyborgs, Borders and Stories for Virgins

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Professor David Punter has kindly allowed us to make available the paper he recently delivered at the Global Gothic symposium, University of Stirling, on 1 December 2007: 'Cyborgs, Borders and Stories for Virgins: Mexico and the Gothic'. To read it in full click here.

Global Gothic Symposium Thanks

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Continue the discussion

Global Gothic International Network Grant

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The Department of English Studies at Stirling has been awarded an AHRC Network grant to set up an international group of scholars to investigate global gothic. Further information about symposia and other events to be held over the next two years will be forthcoming.

Hopping Vampires Thumbnail

Hopping Vampires

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Jiang Shi (Mandarin Chinese), also known as Geungsi in Cantonese, Gangshi in Korean, and Kyonshi in Japanese can be best described as a reanimated hopping corpse feeding on the life essence, or qi, of the people it kills.Thanks to the influence of the Western movies, in the twentieth century popular imagination Jiang Shis have also acquired flesh-eating and blood-drinking qualities that have earned them the name of Chinese zombies or vampires. A still from Mr Vampire (1985). Pacified Jiang Shis ready to begin their last journey. In popular Chinese beliefs, human souls are frequently de

Lisey’s Story – Stephen King Thumbnail

Lisey’s Story – Stephen King

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Gothic reading group