Vampires in Johannesburg: Eternity

Posted by Glennis Byron on December 03, 2010 in News tagged with , ,

Another vampire film opening soon, at least in South Africa: Eternity.

If the idea of vampires in Johannesburg sparks your interest, don’t get too excited. The synopsis from the official website suggests we’ve been here before… many times:

Set in an atmospherically Gotham-like, inner-city Johannesburg, Eternity tells the tale of Billy (Andre Frauenstein), a sensitive, handsome young vampire who spends his nights prowling the city haunts with his friends. They appear to lead a charmed life, owning the night and partaking in the rich social life that the city offers. But Billy is lonely and yearns for the one true love who will give meaning to his solitary life.

When he meets Jenny (Rikki Brest), a beautiful human girl, at a nightclub, he is smitten. His easy charm and gentlemanly manner draw Jenny to him and, despite all attempts by Billy’s ex-girlfriend Lisa (Christina Storm), to scupper the budding relationship, Jenny falls for him. It seems that destiny has favoured both of them. But an all-out war between vampire clan leaders threatens their love and Billy is forced to join the fight.

In the tradition of today’s modern vampire films, Eternity contemporises the gothic bloodsuckers. Billy is part of a new generation of vampire heroes that has stepped out of the moonlight and into the cultural spotlight with their dangerous mystique.

At least the director has an interesting name: Christopher-Lee dos Santos.

Here’s the trailer:

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