The Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich

Posted by Aspasia Stephanou on November 09, 2010 in News tagged with

Krilanovich’s debut novel about “hobo vampire junkies….praying to the altar of Poison Idea and GG Allin at basement rock shows.”

I’ve never been sure if the young “vampires” who roam the northwest netherland in The Orange Eats Creeps are really vampires, and long ago I realized it doesn’t matter. Now of course there is a cultural vogue for vampires that can only exhaust itself sooner rather than later, and when it does, Krilanovich’s novel will be the one left standing, transcending trends it predated.  […] To the extent that it has a tradition or cares about one, it’s the tradition that began with Blake and has continued through Coleridge, Brontë and Baudelaire, Barbey and Huysmans, the expatriated anarchists of the thirties and the untethered Beats of the fifties, the punk poets of the seventies and early eighties (Iggy and Patti, Richard Hell and Exene Cervenka and Henry Rollins, if not necessarily those people). A vampire novel then as Céline would have written, with dashes of Burroughs and Tom Verlaine playing guitar in the background: hallucinatory, passionate and gorgeous, hardcore by all the best definitions of the word. Twilight this isn’t.

Steve Erickson, “Introduction”

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