Tabloid Gothic?

Posted by Dale Townshend on November 21, 2011 in News tagged with

An article from the New York Times was recently brough to my attention by Andrea Van Noord, a student currently registered for the MLitt in The Gothic Imagination at Stirling.  It’s an insightful account of how the Gothic in contemporary culture has spilled over the limits of ‘the literary’ in order to enter into the realms of media and journalism.  More specifically, it addresses the extent to which an important aspect of Gothic in our culture is its incarnation in the world of the media, with incessant references to horror, terror and monstrosity in the news alongside the return of familiar Gothic tropes and conventions.  For the full article, click here.     This was most certainly the case of the Joseph Fritzl case in Austria a few years back, a sensationalist disclosure that was often presented by the media in the form of a contemporary Gothic romance.

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