Slime City Massacre: A New Splatter classic?

Posted by Aspasia Stephanou on February 04, 2011 in News tagged with , , ,

Slime City Massacre is a sequel to Greg Lamberson’s Slime City (1988). It will be released on dvd, 10 May 2011.

In the wake of a “dirty bomb” attack, a New York City neighborhood known as “Slime City” has been evacuated, except for the homeless (“displaced refugees”). Four squatters searching for food in the ruins of the Zachary Devon Soup Kitchen (Jennifer Bihl, Kealan Patrick Burke, Debbie Rochon, Lee Perkins) discover a supply of Zachary Devon’s Home Brewed Elixir and Himalayan Yogurt. When they drink the elixir and eat the yogurt, they are transformed into hideous slime creatures driven to murder – an intermediate step as they are possessed by the spirits of Zachary Devon (Robert Sabin) and the members of his Coven of Flesh, who committed suicide years earlier. (Read the rest from IMDB).

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