Michel Faber, ‘A Flash of Blue Light’

Posted by Glennis Byron on February 15, 2011 in News tagged with , ,

Michel Faber, photograph Eva Faber

Fans of Michel Faber will find a new story, ‘A Flash of Blue Light’, available for download on the Edinburgh International Book Festival website: http://www.edbookfest.co.uk/new-writing/a-flash-of-blue-light

Here is the opening as a taster:

“I was abducted by aliens,” the woman with the foreign accent told the policeman at the desk.“Raped?” he suggested hopefully, not because he was a prurient man but because he was keen to offload her onto a female colleague if possible.

“No,” the woman said, narrowing her eyes. “They didn’t have… the equipment.”

Suppressing a yawn, the officer checked the time on his computer screen. It was 3.22. In the morning. There was only one WPC at the station and she was having a kip in the strip search room.

“OK,” he said. “What’s your full name, age, and address, please?”

“My name is Jutta Mollo,” the woman replied calmly. “I am 37. I live at Jahnstrasse 19/A, 3015 Wennigsen 5, near Hanover, Germany.”

The policeman had to get Mrs Mollo to spell out much of this information, since he was Huddersfield-born and his office was in Wombwell, South Yorkshire, where Germans were not abundant.

“What are you doing so far from home?” he enquired.

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