Juve versus Fantômas

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Doesn’t this look interesting?  The beautifully restored Bo’ness Hippodrome is showing ‘Juve versus Fantômas’ tomorrow night (Friday 2 December). Described by film historian David Thomson as ‘the first great movie experience’, Louis Feuillade’s Fantômas consists of five films made between 1911 and 1914 and follows the thrilling adventures of inspector Juve and his evil nemesis, Fantômas.

Tomorrow night’s screening is accompanied by a live score performed by cult Parisian DJs RadioMentale. For ten years the sound-artist duo have been broadcasting their own cult-show in Paris, Switzerland and Japan, and their work includes sound pieces for galleries, clubs, films, installations, urban spaces and performance.

Fantômas is a fictional character created by French writers Marcel Allain (1885–1969) and Pierre Souvestre (1874–1914).

One of the most popular characters in the history of French crime fiction, Fantômas was created in 1911 and appeared in a total of 32 volumes written by the two collaborators, then a subsequent 11 volumes written by Allain alone after Souvestre’s death. The character was also the basis of various film, television, and comic book adaptations. In the history of crime fiction, he represents a transition from Gothic novel villains of the 19th century to modern-day serial killers.

Fantômas was introduced a few years after Arsène Lupin, another well-known thief. But whereas Lupin draws the line at murder, Fantômas has no such qualms and is shown as a sociopath who enjoys killing in a sadistic fashion.

He is totally ruthless, gives no mercy, and is loyal to none, not even his own children. He is a master of disguise, always appearing under an assumed identity, often that of a person whom he has murdered. Fantômas makes use of bizarre and improbable techniques in his crimes, such as plague-infested rats, giant snakes, and rooms that fill with sand.

Sounds Great!

Dir. Louis Feuillade / France / 1913 / b&w / 1h / silent with live music accompaniment
With: Rene Navarre, Georges Melchoir, Renee Carl

Tickets for this special event are £8.50 (£6.30 conc.) available on the door.

In partnership with the French Film Festival UK

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