Incognitum Hactenus: New Horror Journal

Posted by Dale Townshend on December 09, 2011 in News tagged with

Incognitum Hactenus is a new quarterly journal featuring writing on art, horror, and philosophy. Conceived as an ongoing investigation into each sphere and its crossovers, the journal publishes new work by leading international scholars, artists, filmmakers, curators, musicians, and designers. With a focused interest in that which finds an affiliation with horrific contemporaneity and the exposure to radical thought, the journal reveals the twisting of contingency (that which comes from outside) as it produces new monstrosities. We aim to tear asunder the fleshy belly of the established and expected. Incognitum Hactenus is edited by Caryn Coleman and Tom Trevatt.  A link to the journal may be found here.

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