iMonster: Launch of Frankenstein Application for iPhone and iPad

Posted by Dale Townshend on April 19, 2012 in News tagged with

Later this month Frankenstein will be remade in the form of a new literary app. Designed specifically for iPad and iPhone, the app brings a classic novel to a new audience. As a work of interactive literature, Frankenstein will be the first in a new generation of e-books. The work of a team of writers and software designers, Frankenstein galvanises Mary Shelley’s classic with unusual graphics and a revolutionary interface, creating a new interactive reading experience, uncovering new depths to one of the world’s most powerful classic stories. The app will be launched globally on 26 April 2012, price £2.99. More information here and a youtube trailer here.  Join the facebook group here.

‘I’ll be very interested to see this new version’ Erica Wagner, Times, 4 March 2012

‘The Modern Prometheus gets even more modern’ SFX

‘Superb’ Tim Harford via Twitter

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