Hammer Glamour for Christmas

Posted by Glennis Byron on November 17, 2011 in News tagged with , , , ,

UK’s Horror Channel will be offering a quartet of 1971 Hammer Films films starring their most notable actresses. Running on Saturday nights at 11.10 from Christmas Eve onwards, the line up is as follows, with trailers in case you haven’t seen these films before:

Saturday 24 December: Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971)

Sometimes considered the most sophisticated film (really – something to do with the uncharacteristic mobile camera work I’m told) Hammer ever produced. Directed by Roy Ward Baker, the film stars Ralph Bates as a Jekyll who unleashes not just his dark side but his feminine side (Martine Beswick). Hammer at its most camp.

Saturday 31 December: Lust for a Vampire (1971)

‘Welcome to the finishing school where they really do finish you’. Second installment in the so-called Karnstein Trilogyafter The Vampire Lovers, loosely (very very loosely) having something to do with ‘Carmilla’. Directed by Jimmy Sangster. Bisexual vampire Mircalla Karnstein (Yutte Stensgard) in an all-girl’s boarding school. No need to expand on what will be the main theme here I guess. One of the silliest Hammer productions ever, but probably best-loved of  boys, adolescent or otherwise.

Saturday January 7: Countess Dracula (1971)

Directed by Peter Sasdy and starring Ingrid Pitt, Lesley-Anne Down, Maurice Denham and  Nigel Green. Hammer’s version of the Elizabeth Bathory, lots of artistic license taken of course. It has Ingrid Pitt in it, the quintessential horror queen, but in this one they over dubbed her with an English actress – shame. Still, one of the best of the early Hammers, and lots of wonderful bathtub of blood shots.

Saturday 14 January: Twins of Evil (1971)

Directed by John Hough, and starring Mary and Madeleine Collinson, Peter Cushing and Dennis Price. Final installment in the Karnstein Trilogy, with the least connection to ‘Carmilla’, and the addition of a witch hunt element. It’s a kind of prequel to The Vampire Lovers. Which of the gorgeous twins  is the vampire and which is the virgin?

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