Frankenstein’s Wedding – Live in Leeds

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Frankenstein hits the news again. BBC Three’s re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a live TV event with drama, music and dance, is to be broadcast 19 March 2011 from Kirkstall Abbey.

Scientist Victor Frankenstein (Andrew Gower) is marrying his childhood sweethear Elizabeth (Lacey Turner), but the Creature (David Harewood) that Victor created is seeking justice.

Nine thousand free tickets will be made available to the public to come and watch the live event; ticket application will open on Friday 18 February at The audience is invited to attend in their best wedding gear and play a role as wedding guests.

You can start meeting the characters in exclusive Video Diaries that are being released before the wedding day. This week it’s Victor himself, next week the Creature, and ‘Before the wedding we’ll also meet Liz’s best friend Justine, and of course the bride to be herself’.

Rapid Talent further reports

The page also supports the dance workshops, features a video tutorial and a performance of the dance that the public need to learn for the big dance moment at the event. There is also information about the event’s dress code and over the next few weeks a behind-the-scenes film, hosted by Creative Director, Colin Teague, whose previous credits include Being Human and Doctor Who, will be added to the site.

The live event features spectacular light projections highlighting the grandeur of Kirkstall Abbey in a way that it has never been seen before. Audiences will be fully immersed in the emotion and horror of the classic tale, from witnessing the very moment Victor gives life to his creation in his laboratory and glimpses of Elizabeth planning her big day, to the Creature’s harrowing and deteriorating journey as he seeks justice for his plight.

Weird. But potentially interesting. If anyone out there reading this plans to go, would love to have a post from them on the experience!

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