Exorcism back in fashion?

Posted by Glennis Byron on November 06, 2010 in News tagged with , ,

Is exorcism back in fashion? I don’t mean actual exorcisms, but there seem to be quite a number of exorcism related films being released lately (mostly ‘based on a true story’, documentaries, or mockumentaries – that does seem to be a convention now with exorcism films). I hadn’t been paying much attention until I heard about the recent banning of the poster for Eli Roth’s The Last Exorcism because it is likely to upset children. The ASA also said most complainants found the images promoting the 15-rated film offensive, distressing and unsuitable for public display. Well, that won’t do the film any harm – and the poster is certainly getting lots of ‘public display’ now.

Here’s the trailer for The Last Exorcism. Looks quite good actually:


And some of the other recent/forthcoming exorcism films:

The Rite, directed by Mikael Hafstrom, starring Anthony Hopkins. Warner brothers. To be released in January. A skeptical seminary student (Colin O’Donoghue)  reluctantly attends an exorcism school at the Vatican. While there, he meets an unorthodox priest, Father Lucas (Hopkins), who introduces him to a darker side of his faith. Also with Ciarán Hinds, Alice Braga, Rutger Hauer, Toby Jones.

The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist, directors Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth. Released October in the USA. Apparently a documentary, this is the untold story of The Exorcist, a chronicle of true events based on the priest’s secret diary the world was not to see. After watching the trailer, I wondered if this was a joke.

Legion: The Final Exorcism, starring Roddy Piper, to be released on by MTI on dvd in January 2011. I couldn’t find a trailer, but the image looks a bit ropey.

“Michael San Chica is an ex-priest. He is also an investigator documenting true events of demonic possession. When Michael comes to the rescue of the newly possessed Tatiana McMurter, daughter of a Baptist minister, he discovers that he has encountered this demon before… A demon he vowed to track down and send back to hell. Because this time it’s not business… it’s personal.”

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