Conference Schedule For ‘Unhealable Wounds: Gothic and the Question of Trauma’

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Unhealable Wounds: Gothic and the Question of Trauma
Pathfoot Building
University of Stirling, physician Saturday 24th November 2012

Panels, plenaries , coffees and lunch take place in the Pathfoot Building, Stirling Campus

Saturday 24th November
From 8.00am Registration and coffee in the Crush Hall, Pathfoot

9.00-10:00 am Welcome (Dale Townshend, Pathfoot Lecture Theatre)
Plenary I: Professor David Punter, University of Bristol, Pathfoot Lecture Theatre
Title: ‘Shell Shock and Human Remains: Thinking Around Pat Barker’

10.00-12:00 2 extended parallel sessions (PANELS 1 and 2)

PANEL 1 (Pathfoot D1)

Traumatic Origins Chair: Kelly Gardner

Maria Cohut: ‘I am not in love with a coloured panel’: The Gothic Cross-Boundaries of Illegitimate and/or Defective Eros in Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto and Lewis’s The Monk’
Jonathan Greenaway: ‘The Word Made Flesh’: Physical and Psychological Wounds in Gothic Literature’
Matthew Crofts: ‘The Wounds Not Made: The Spanish Inquisition and Torture’s Effectiveness’
Sara Williams: A Cross to Bear: Reading Stigmata through the Female Gothic Body

PANEL 2 (Pathfoot D2)

Nineteenth-Century Wounds Chair: Marek Lewandowski
Alexandra Foulds: ‘The Form of All Things but Devoid of all Form’: Multiple Narratives and the Cultural Construction of Trauma in Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan’
Gerard McKeever: ‘National Aesthetic Trauma in The Three Perils of Women’
Antonio Sanna: Why Do We Forget About Mummies? Confrontation with Mourning, the Past and Death in Victorian Literature and Contemporary Horror Films
Ana Romão: Why Do We Take A Picture? The Scandal of Abu Ghraib and Victorian Post-Mortem Photography


LUNCH (Pathfoot Dining Hall)

13.00-14.30 2 parallel sessions (PANELS 3, 4)

PANEL 3 (Pathfoot D1)

Screening Trauma Chair: Derek Johnston
Aspasia Stephanou: At the Heart of Darkness: Trauma in Fabrice Du Welz’s Vinyan
Enrique Ajuria Ibarra: Situating Trauma: Gothic Horror, the Politics of Memory and the Anxiety of Parenthood in J. A. Bayona’s The Orphanage
Manuela Adrigan: ‘Triangle: Denial on a Moebius Strip’


Global Perspectives Chair: Kevin Corstophine (Pathfoot D2)

Rebecca Duncan: (Hi)stories and Scars: Terry Westby-Nunn’s ‘New’ South African Gothic
Maja Milatovic: Ghostly Inheritance, Wounding Memories: Embodying Ancestral Trauma in African American Neo-Slave Narratives
Inés Ordiz Alonso-Collada: The Ghosts of History: Gothic Exploration of Historical Trauma in ‘Constancia’ and ‘La bella durmiente’ by Carlos Fuentes’

14.30 – 16.00 2 parallel sessions (PANELS 5, 6, 7)

PANEL 5 (Pathfoot D1)

Spectacle and Performance Chair: Aspasia Stephanou

Stuart Lindsay: The Irradiated Road: American Journeys on Film, to and from Chernobyl, in Return of the Dead: Necropolis and Chernobyl Diaries
Eileen Culloty: Rescuing America from Iraq: The Gothic Aesthetic in Iraq War Documentaries
Panayiota Chrysochou: Blood Play and Second Skin: The Gothic Horror of Orlan’s and Ed Gein’s Performances

PANEL 6 (Pathfoot D2)

Contemporary Impulses Chair: Neil McRobert
Kevin Corstorphine: ‘The Prudent man Respects What He Does Not Control’: Masculine Crisis in the American Haunted House Novel
David McWilliam: ‘Without Conscience: Re-Opening Old Wounds to Pass the Empathy Test in Dave Cullen’s Columbine (2009)’
Derek Johnston: Eruptions of the Abnormal: Gothic / Horror Episodes of Mainstream Television Series and the Disrupted Dominance of Rational Worldviews

16.00 – 16.30

COFFEE (Pathfoot Crush Hall)

16.30 – 17.30:
Plenary II: Dr Linnie Blake, Manchester Metropolitan University, Pathfoot Lecture Theatre
Title: ‘All Hell Breaks Loose: Neoliberal Trauma and American television Gothic’

17.30-18.30 Wine Reception and Closing of Conference

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