CFP: Studies in Gothic Fiction, Special Issue on the Gothic and/in Latin America

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CFP: Studies in Gothic Fiction, Special Issue on the Gothic and/in Latin America
Guest editor: Enrique Ajuria Ibarra (Universidad de las Américas Puebla)
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The contemporary global outreach of the Gothic has prompted a wide range of approximations of this mode far beyond its Western, anglicized origins. There is a recent keen interest in the Gothic around the world, not only by exploring transnational adaptations and appropriations of Gothic techniques into more local manifestations, but also by attempting to uncover particular national forms that could be considered Gothic too. The extent of the Gothic is also made possible by access to information around the world facilitated by various forms of mass media, whether print, image or digital. Although the Global Gothic has greatly focused on Anglophone and European nations and, in a different way, on Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and Thailand, very little has been said or mentioned about the Gothic and/in Latin America. Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest on the associations produced by this cultural encounter, whether uncanny representations of Latino society in English fiction or an attempt to discover haunting and disturbing local manifestations that could possibly be understood as Gothic. Nevertheless, Latin American culture faces a double-edged evaluation: certain uncanny manifestations, such as La Llorona in Mexico, may well be explored under a Gothic lens, but they may also be quickly swept under the region’s long-standing aesthetic tradition of magical realism. If there is indeed a Gothic trace in Latin America, is it worth exploring this spectral encounter to determine the suitability of a Gothic approach to these regional fantasy, horror and ghostly fictions? Can we truly identify a form of Latin American Gothic or are we just symptomatically gothicizing Latin America?

Studies in Gothic Fiction is looking for articles for a special edition on the Gothic and its intersections and/or manifestations in Latin America.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

-The Gothic in Latin American literature, fantasy and horror cinema, the arts and mass media.
-Transnational appropriations and adaptations of Gothic techniques and tropes.
-Latin American monsters and specters.
-Gothic fiction vs. Magical realism.
-Goth(ic) subcultures in Latin America.
-Local Gothic manifestations (from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico…).
-Caribbean Gothic.
-Travel and the Gothic south of the United States border.
-The Gothic as symptom and gothicizing Latin America.

We are happy to welcome 250-word abstract proposals for consideration by Friday 15 November 2013, with the intention of submitting a full-length 7 000 word article by Friday 14 February 2014. Articles should use the MLA citation and reference style. Please send your proposals and queries to: enrique.ajuria

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