CFP: International Gothic in the Neo-Liberal Age

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CFP: International Gothic in the Neo-Liberal Age
Edited by Linnie Blake & Agniezska Soltysik Monnet
The explosion of interest in the gothic in recent years has coincided with a
number of seismic political changes that have reshaped the world as we know it:
the fall of the communist bloc, the revolution in information and communication
technologies, the emergence of biotechnologies, the proliferation of
transnational corporations and, since 2001, the US-led ‘War on Terror.’ Each is
itself underscored by the rise to global predominance of economic
The proposed collection seeks to trace the ways in which Gothic texts have both
represented and interrogated the global changes wrought by neo-liberal
economics since the 1980s. We welcome papers that address themselves to:
· Literature
· Film & Television
· Visual Cultures
· Gaming
· Music
· Fan Cultures.
Topics may include:
· The monster and neo-liberal subjectivity: the zombie, ghost, vampire,
werewolf, serial killer etc
· The human: the neo-liberal body, the impact of biomedical science, the
ethics of healthcare
· The natural: our impact on the planet and the planet’s response; fears of
· Neo-liberal selfhood: gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, class
· Histories: of the gothic, gothic historiographies of the present and the
· The socius: population and migration, nationhood, the mass v the elite
· The city: the new gothic metropolis, Green Zone/Red Zone, the refugee
camp, the shanty town
· War: the military-industrial complex, cyber-war, bio-war, the terrorist, the
terrorist state
· The internet & neo-liberal gothic culture; trans-national communications;
fan cultures; online gothic gaming
· The gothic dimensions of the shock doctrine
Proposals of no more than 300 words should be sent to L.blake [at] and
a.soltysikmonnet [at] by 30 January 2014.

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