Bram Stoker: Centenary Essays, edited by Jarlath Killeen.

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Bram Stoker
Centenary essays
Jarlath Killeen, editor
Despite his vampire creation, Dracula, being world-famous, and in spite of a host of academic studies of the novel in which this vampire first appeared, Stoker himself remains a figure shrouded in darkness, and his other writings are virtually unknown and ignored. This collection addresses this large gap. The main aim of the collection is to read Stoker in the round, expanding the critical focus away from an exclusive obsession with Dracula and taking account of the full extent of Stoker’s writing, from his other Gothic novels, The lair of the white worm and The snake’s pass, to his short stories and journalism, and his romances Miss Betty, Lady Athlyne and The shoulder of Shasta. Where Dracula is considered, new scholarship is presented by the leading experts on that novel. The collection assesses Stoker’s relationship to late 19th-century Ireland and especially Dublin, and address his status as an ‘Irish’ writer of substance.

The Contents
Introduction: remembering Bram Stoker
Jarlath Killeen
Bram Stoker: the child that went with the fairies
David J. Skal
Bram Stoker: the facts and the fictions
Paul Murray
Bram Stoker: a man of notes
Elizabeth Miller
Bram Stoker: Ireland and beyond
Carol A. Senf
The shoulder of Shasta: Bram Stoker’s California romance
Andrew J. Garavel, SJ
‘Rumours of the Great Plague’: medicine, mythology and the memory of the Sligo cholera in Bram Stoker’s Under the sunset
William Hughes
‘The sport of opposite forces’: Bram Stoker’s generational anxiety
David Floyd
‘See how the bog can preserve’: bogs, snakes and Irish stereotypes in The snake’s pass
Valeria Cavalli
The lair of the white worm; or, what became of Bram Stoker?
Darryl Jones
Mr Stoker’s holiday
Christopher Frayling

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