A Night With a Vampire, cont.

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I have found fuller information on this week’s Book at Bedtime on the BBC Radio 4 website; details follow (with the added advantage of allowing me to post another picture of David Tennant!)

David Tennant returns with another selection of chilling Vampire stories. Last year the first series concentrated on Victorian Vampire output, but in these five tales we enter the 20th Century and are introduced to stories with a little twist from the UK and the USA:

Tuesday: The Girl With the Hungry Eyes – written by Fritz Lieber

This 1949 story has exerted its grip on many an imagination and has been filmed several times. It concentrates on the magnetic power of the Vampire and – in this case – the utterly captivating and inescapable lure of a Vampiress-cum-glamour model.

Wednesday: Bewitched – written by Edith Wharton.

A tale of Vampire possession written in 1925.  Saul Rutledge had a girlfriend before he married his current wife. Unfortunately, he still slips at night to see her. Even though she died several years ago…

Thursday: Drink My Blood – written by Richard Matheson.

Written in 1951 this is an unusually dark comic twist on the Vampire tale about a young pasty-faced school kid, Jules, whose only ambition in life is to become a Vampire. But will his dreams come true? From Richard Matheson, author of ‘I am Legend’.

Friday: A Lot of Mince Pies – written by Robert Swindells.

Swindells is a British author known mainly for his children’s books and indeed, this tale first appeared in a collection of haunted tales for the young adult. But it has a macabre and chilling undertone – set at Xmas and focussing on a group of carollers who visit the same cottage every year – and receive a special treat in return…..

I really fancy this last one!

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