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Beville, Maria. Gothic-Postmodernism: Voicing the Terrors of Postmodernity. Rodopi. August 2009.


Brown, Nicola, Carolyn Durdett, and Pamela Thurschwell, eds. The Victorian Supernatural. Cambridge University Press. June 2009.


The Victorians were haunted by the supernatural, by ghosts and fairies, table-rappings and telepathic encounters, occult religions and the idea of reincarnation, visions of the other world and a reality beyond the everyday. The Victorian Supernatural explores the sources of these beliefs in their literary, historical and cultural contexts. The collection brings together essays by scholars from literature, history of art and history of science, which examine the diversity of the Victorians’ fascination with the supernatural. The essays show that the supernatural was not simply a reaction to a post-Darwinian loss of faith, but was embedded in virtually every aspect of Victorian culture. This important interdisciplinary study sheds light on debates surrounding the relationship between high and popular Victorian culture and contemporary notions of the supernatural.


Michaud, Marilyn. Republicanism and the American Gothic. University of Wales Press. Sept. 2009.


This book is a comparative study of British and American literature and culture in the 1790s and 1950s. It explores the republican tradition of the British Enlightenment and the effect of its translation and migration to the American colonies. Specifically, it examines in detail the transatlantic influence of seventeenth-and-eighteenth-century libertarian and anti-authoritarian thought on British and American revolutionary culture.




Murphy, Bernice M. The Suburban Gothic in American Popular Culture.  Palgrave. Sept. 2009.


Presents an examination of the depiction of American suburbia in gothic and horror films, television and literature since 1948. Beginning with Shirley Jackson’s "The Road Through the Wall", this book discusses representative texts from each decade, including "I Am Legend", "Bewitched", "Halloween" and "Desperate Housewives".

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