Raising Gothic horrors from the dead

Posted by Dale Townshend on October 26, 2008 in News tagged with

Stirling’s Hallowe’en Gothic Film Weekend features in the Sunday Times on line today: ‘Raising Gothic horrors from the dead: Stirling University is lifting the coffin lid on ghosts and ghouls this weekend’

After my initial horror at being (as usual) weirdly misquoted, with bits of one comment combined with bits from another totally unrelated comment in commendably innovative, if somewhat confusing, ways, and my complete puzzlement about the reporter’s initial summary of the Gothic and his representation of the ‘Georgian’ era (lack of faith, er, wasn’t that the Victorians…), I thought I’d put it up anyway. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, today’s article is tomorrow’s fish and chips (does that still apply online?) etc. etc. (There’s the added bonus that the on line version uses an image from Exte rather than the close up of me doing a Cheshire cat imitation.)  Anyway, I’m endlessly fascinated by the ways in which the Gothic we study in an academic context  is represented in popular newspapers once digested and regurgitated for public consumption. Quite fun to ‘forensically disect’ that too.

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