Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall

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Kazuo Isguro will publish his new book, Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall, on May 7, 2009.  After writing six novels, – A Pale View of Hills (1982), The Remains of the Day (1989), The Unconsoled (1995), When We Were Orphans (2000) and Never Let Me Go (2005) – the author presents his first collection of short stories; although he says,

" Well I’m not quite sure what you’re supposed to call it," … "I’ve been resisting calling it a collection of short stories because sometimes novelists do publish collections of short stories, and they’re basically a rag bag of stories they’ve had sitting around for the last 30 years. Whereas this book I actually sat down and wrote from start to finish."

The five stories explore ideas of love, music and passing of time; "this quinqet is marked by a haunting theme: the struggle to keep alive a sense of life’s romance, even as one get older, relationships flounder and youthful hopes recede."

You can watch a video inspired by this collection of stories, made by George Wu for

Also, The Guardian offers an interesting article about these stories and an interview with the author by Decca Aitkenhead; go to:

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