Neil Gaiman and Dave Mckean: Awesome Creative Partnership

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For nearly seventeen years Gaiman and Mckean, an astounding match, have been working together in successful, creative projects that include not only picture books and graphic novels, but also stop-motion movies, screenplays and comics. Each one is a genius in his field!

Dave Mckean is a restless artist, designer, photographer, and jazz musician (just to mention some of his talents!). His graphic works blend different techniques such as pen and ink drawings, photographs, collage and digital art.  One of his most famous works is the graphic novel about the dark knight, entitled, Arkham Asylum, a Serious House on Serious Earth, which was written by Grant Morrison in 1989. He has illustrated some of the most important novels, comics, and picture books written by Neil such as The Wolves in the Walls, MirrorMask, or The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish and the covers for The Sandman.  Both of them have received a considerable list of awards for their "rare, unique, collectible books."

Neil Gaiman is a novelist, comic writer and screenwriter. His stories are madly inventive, full of mysterious characters, scary and funny at the same time. His stories for children have a deep dark side, which adults might find "potentially scary" for kids, but definitely kids can handle them very well. 

Their stories are a blend of bittersweetness, black humour, dark atmospheres and freaky characters wonderfully illustrated, without falling into the predictable cliches of horror for kids and youngsters. Even their Picture books are enjoyable for people of all ages since we will never be too old for a good Picture book!

The Graveyard Book ,their new work, starts like this: "There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife…" A baby boy has escaped from being murdered by a man called Jack. The little boy ends up in the graveyard where a gallery of ghosts, ghouls, werewolves and other supernatural creatures are going to raise him up. They will call him: Nobody. With a clear allusion to Kipling’s classic "Jungle Book" the reader will find the witty prose of Gaiman and the always surprising illustrations by Dave McKean that also contribute to build the story! It sounds terrific, listen to it!

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