Gothic for Christmas

Posted by Dale Townshend on November 28, 2009 in News tagged with

‘Far, far, distant, drifting like mist back down the tunnel, came an indistinct mutter, like the voices of many children whispering together. The murmur was mixed with chuckling laughter, mocking and sinister, enough to bring on shivers and chill the blood.’

I’ve been reading some young adult gothic recently, and if anyone is looking for a book to buy for an 11 – 12 year old, I highly recommend Celia Rees’s The Vanished (1997). It’s probably for slightly younger children than the Twilight books, and the vampire element is more muted, but  Amelia, dead for a hundred years, and her brood are enough to give anyone nightmares.  Here’s the blurb:

‘It all started as stories-playground tales handed down for generations. Stories of plague graves, vanished children and hidden steps leading to a festering underworld. A world so real you could almost smell it…But when another child goes missing, Fraser wonders if there’s some truth in the tales. The dank tunnels running under the city are real enough. Who knows what horrors their depths contain? only Billy. He knows about a decaying kingdom far more terrifying than anyone could imagine…’


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