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We now have a draft schedule for the Globalgothic: Technology, Media, Horror postgraduate conference. If you are  interested in attending, please contact or

There is no registration fee, but places are limited, and the last date for registration is November 17th.

Globalgothic: Technology, Media, Horror
Postgraduate symposium. 
University of Stirling, 5-6 December 2008
Draft schedule

Friday December 5

11.00    Registration and coffee (venue to be confirmed)

12.00    Plenary 1     Pathfoot C1/C2
Chair: Glennis Byron, University of Stirling
Isabella van Elferen, Utrecht University, Netherlands.
‘Cybergothic Music and the Phantom Voices of the Technological Uncanny’

1.00    Lunch.    Pathfoot A7

2.00    Session 1    Pathfoot C1/C2
• Gabriella Jönsson, University of Glasgow, ‘Acting Out the Theatre of Gender as Grotesquerie: Iain Banks’s The Wasp Factory and John Ajvide Lindquist’s Let the Right One In
• Miranda Kearley, University of Central Florida, Lost in Limbo: The Tightrope between Fantasy and Phobia’
• Cornelia Lippert, University of Bristol, ‘From Rob Roy to Leatherface: The Migration of Gothic and the Scots-Irish Link’

3.15    Coffee            Pathfoot A7

3.45    Session 2         Pathfoot C1/C2
• Keith H. Brown, University of Edinburgh, ‘The Italian Horror Cinema, 1956-66, as Transcultural Gothic’
• Daniel Serravalle de Sá, University of Manchester, ‘Zé de Caixâo: A Gothic Villain in the Tropics’
• Carolina Abello, University of Stirling, ‘Title to be confirmed’

5.00    Wine and cheese     Pathfoot A7

7.30    Dinner at the Mediterranea Restaurant

Saturday December 6

9.30    Session 3:     Pathfoot C1/C2
• Aspasia Stephanou, University of Stirling, ‘Baptism of Blood: Docile Bodies Performing Against the Law’
• James Bell, University of Stirling, ‘“Gott ist tot”: Tanz der Vampire and the Postmodern Undead’
• Peter Connelly, University of Stirling, ‘Issei Sagawa. “The Paris Human Flesh Incident“’.

10.45    Coffee

11.15    Session 4    Pathfoot C1/C2
• Emily Alder, Napier University, ‘“Fragments detached from the earth”: global isolation, phantom ships, and liminal existence in Gothic sea fiction’
• Claire McKechnie, University of Edinburgh, ‘“Has a Frog a Soul?”: Shaping Evolution in the Gothic Fiction of Edward Bulwer-Lytton’

12.15 Plenary 2    Pathfoot C1/C2
Chair: Glennis Byron, University of Stirling
Katarzyna Ancuta. Assumption University, Thailand
‘Ghosts, Rituals and Magic – Spiritual Realism of Thai Horror Film in the Information Age’

1.15    Lunch        A7

2.15    Session 5    Pathfoot C1/C2
• Tracy Fahey, Institute of Technology, Carlow, ‘Urban Dystopias: The Contemporary Superhero in Graphic Novels’
• Mark P. Williams, University of East Anglia, ‘The Weird of Globalization: Esemplastic Power in the Short Fiction of China Miéville’
• Martyn Colebrook, University of Hull, ‘“Norton in NoTown”: London, Paranoia and the Gothic in Iain Sinclair’s Slow Chocolate Autopsy’

3.30    Coffee        A7

4.00    Plenary 3    Pathfoot C1/C2
Chair: Dale Townshend, University of Stirling
Fred Botting, Lancaster University, England
Uncannimedia: Spectrality, Subjectivity

5.00    Wine and Cheese    A7



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