Exquisite Bodies

Posted by Dale Townshend on September 25, 2009 in News tagged with

Museums of anatomical bodies used to be very popular in Europe during the 19th century. Wellcome Collection in London presents an exhibition where the beautiful and the grotesque, serious science and fairground horror are mingled; Exquisite Bodies. It provides an insight into Victorian beliefs about the body. Among the models you will be able to see, there is an anatomical venus with removable internal organs, a bearded lady in wax and three-dimensional representations of the ravages of syphilis. The exhibiton will run until October 18. Don’t miss it!

According to Kate Forde, Curator at Wellcome Collection: "’Exquisite Bodies’ brings together a superb variety of anatomical models from collections in the UK and Europe, many of which have never been seen in London before. Produced during an era of scientific rationalism, these strange surrogates illustrate 19th-century interest in empirical knowledge, while at the same time revealing a range of complex beliefs about sex, disease, life and death."

For more information, go to: www.wellcomecollection.org/exhibitionsandevents/exhibitions/Exquisite-Bodies/index.htm

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