Dracula Month in Dublin

Posted by Dale Townshend on February 13, 2009 in News tagged with

"Dublin: One City, One Book" is an initiative of the Dublin City Council. Each April, everyone in the city is encouraged to read the same book. This year the book is "Dracula." Throughout the month, various activities are organized, ranging from street drama to scholarly lectures. Various groups and institutes, such as the National Library, the National Gallery, Trinity College, the Writers Museum and the Irish Film Institute will contribute by organizing parts of the program. For example, on April 25 Paul Murray (the author of the most recent biography of Stoker) will lecture on Stoker’s life (National Library) while Elizabeth Miller will be lecturing on Stoker’s Notes for "Dracula" at the National Library of Ireland on April 28.

The official website is: onecityonebook.wordpress.com -the site is still under construction but some information is available.

A tentative program for the month has been posted at: www.brianjshowers.com/stokernewsletter2009a.html

Elizabeth Miller: www.blooferland.com

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