Dacre Stoker to resurrect Dracula

Posted by Dale Townshend on October 27, 2009 in News tagged with

Bram Stoker’s great grand nephew has written a sequel to Dracula. Dacre Stoker, who formerly coached the Canadian Olympic Pentathlon team, has never written anything before, but done a lot of research, including sleeping in the ruins of Vlad’s castle in Transylvania. The book is written in collaboration with Dracula historian Ian Holt.

The sequel is set in 1912. Seward is a morphine addict, little Quincey Harker is involved in a theatre production of Dracula, and Jonathan gets impaled in Piccadilly Circus. Stoker is quoted in the Guardian as saying ‘Our intent is to give both Bram and Dracula back their dignity.’ Hmmm.

And in the Augusta Chronicle (his local paper I assume), Stoker, fly fishing instructor and a volunteer at the Aiken County Sheriff’s Department, tells us ‘I found it really sad that all the trash Hollywood had put out had really sullied Bram’s and the family’s literary legacy.’ Indeed.

If anyone fancies reading it, it’s on sale at Amazon.


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