Biography of Nosferatu Actor Schreck

Posted by Dale Townshend on May 15, 2008 in News tagged with

Stefan Eickhoff has written a new biography of the enigmatic Schreck.

Dave Graham’s interview  (found here) notes: ‘In 1953, Greek-born critic Adonis Kyrou mischievously asked in his book "Le Surrealisme au Cinema" whether the actor was a vampire: the idea caught hold and later inspired a film. Despite years of research, Eickhoff found there were virtually no anecdotes featuring Schreck, nor any references to him in the memoirs of the many people he had worked with […] "Whoever hopes to discover a vampire will be disappointed, but they will find an actor of real skill and versatility," said Eickhoff. "Yet he himself remains somewhat shrouded in mystery"’.

The haunting and iconic image of Nosferatu has followed Schreck but Eickhoff looks beyond this role at the man whom Graham writes: ‘was married but had no children, [w]as a loyal, conscientious loner with an offbeat sense of humour and a talent for playing the grotesque. [And who] lived in "a remote and strange world" and would spend hours walking through dense, dark forests’.

Eickhoff’s book can be reserved here

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