Another Austen horror

Posted by Dale Townshend on July 15, 2009 in News tagged with

Quirk Books has announced the next title in its series. I never did manage to get into the zombie P and P, so think I’ll give it a miss. But in case you’re interested, see

Excerpt from this news item:

The book, which Quirk said would be 60% Austen and 40% tentacled chaos, sees Elinor and Marianne Dashwood contending with giant lobsters, rampaging octopi, two-headed serpents and other ferocious sea monsters as they set out on their quest for love. As in Austen’s original, Marianne first meets Mr Willoughby when he rescues her, but instead of being saved from bad weather and a sprained ankle, this time it’s from a giant octopus.

"As she lay gasping on the bank, soaked by the fetid water and the foul juices of the monster, spitting small bits of brain and gore from the corners of her mouth, a gentleman clad in a diving costume and helmet, and carrying a harpoon gun, ran to her assistance," write Austen and her new co-author, Brooklyn writer Ben H Winters. "The gentleman, opening the circular, hinged portcullis on the front of his helmet, offered his services; and perceiving that her modesty declined what her situation rendered necessary, took her up in his arms without further delay and carried her down the hill."

Yes, well….


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