Walpole’s Strawberry Hill

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I recently made a research-trip to Horace Walpole’s recently refurbished Gothic villa Strawberry Hill, in Twickenham, London.  There is so much to say about this very special place, but for the moment, I wanted to share some pictures of the place with you.

Side View of Strawberry Hill, painted in the original white.

Lady Waldegrave's nineteenth-century additions to the original building.

A Gryphon on the Stair in Lady Waldegrave's section.

Fireplace designed by John Chute in the Dining Room of Strawberry Hill.

Stained Glass in Blue Bedchamber.

Stairway in the Hall of Chopp'd Straw Hall, the original part of the building that Walpole rented, prior to undertaking his Gothic extensions.

The Bannister in the armoury, on which, legend goes, Walpole dreamed he saw that giant, armoured hand, the oneiric inspiration for The Castle of Otranto.

Beautiful Chinese lantern in the Hall of Chopp'd Straw Cottage.

Stained Glass.

Bookshelves and fireplace in Walpole's library.

Detail of Stained Glass window: the spirit of chivalry.

Holbein Chamber.

The Gallery, of which Walpole said, "I am beginning to be ashamed of my own magnificence."

Windows in the Round Drawing-Room at the end of the Gallery.

Magnificent gold and duck-egg blue finishings in the Beauclerk closet, on the walls of which prints of scenes from _The Mysterious Mother_ were hung.

Star sky-light in the Tribune, the gated room in which Walpole stored his collector's treasures, and to which only a privileged few were allowed entrance.

Strawberry Hill from the front of the building.

Front View of Strawberry Hill.

Horace Walpole's front door.

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