The Prosthetic Work of Horror: by Kate Griffiths

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The Prosthetic Work of Horror
A Guest Blog by make-up artist Kate Griffiths
There are some graphic images in this post, but they are all make-ups!


So I’ve been asked to write a blog for you guys and, drugs although I write a regular blog for my own site letting readers know what I’ve been up to, I have no idea what you’d like to see on here so I’m just going to go ahead and introduce myself, tell you a little bit of what I do for a living and we’ll take it from there, but first, just to whet your appetite, here’s something I made in my kitchen earlier just for a bit of fun…


Kate 1


My name is Kate Griffiths, I work as a “theatrical & media makeup artist” officially but specialise in horror/trauma and mainly, what we in the industry call, Out-Of-Kit prosthetic work, which basically means that I create my effects from the products I have in my kit whilst out on location rather than casting, sculpting and applying pre-made prosthetics that you generally see in big features.  My love of horror and gore, on the creating side, has come from being able to use a lot of creative licence and form not holding back when it comes to the shock factor.  Occasionally I have to work within a tight remit but often a director will give free reign when it comes to splatting the blood and, being sponsored by a really neat blood company (Nick Dudman’s Pigs Might Fly South – the Head of Makeup and lead makeup artist in the Harry Potter franchise), allows me to be generous when it comes to the gory stuff.



I work right across the UK but being based in the south most of my work is London based.  I love working on indie film projects and recently had one of my indie features reach number three in the USA AmazonPrime download charts which was pretty cool.  It was produced on a tight crowd-funded budget and has been sold for world-wide distribution, reaching the UK shelves for Christmas 2016.  You can check out the trailer here.


Halloween is of course my busiest time of year and I get booked from late September through to early November as I also run special effects workshops for students in school,  college, uni and  youth groups and such like; so, along with corporate gigs, events and private parties, it’s pretty full on.  On October 31st 2015 I worked a 19 hour day, packing in as many clients as I could!  My workshops are hands-on, practical sessions teaching students how to create easy, realistic horror effects – most schools and colleges book for either their Performing/Creative or Visual Arts students, some for Enrichment programmes and also Media students looking to up their filmmaking game with effects that can be cheaply added in to a short to make it more edgy, giving it more impact and creating  that all-important “added value” factor that OFSTED love so much!

Kate 5

Halloween party make-up

Kate 6



Head used in Christmas Slay 2015

Head used in Christmas Slay 2015

Kate 8

Out of kit prosthetic injury

I qualified in 1999 and worked as and when I could in my own time (I was currently working full time in Speech & Language) doing free work for local theatres, gigs, etc., and then finally, by 2004, I had managed to build up enough contacts and paid work to give up my full-time job and become a freelance artist.  I haven’t looked back since and I hope that over the next few blogs posts you’ll enjoy a bit of what I’ve done, and will continue to do, over the years.  My website is  PLEASE VISIT IT, hit the buttons on the bottom of the home page and follow me on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK  @katesfxmakeup

Kate 9

Plaster hand made for Ligatures short film


kate 10

















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