Patrick McGrath Exhibition: the work begins

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Patrick McGrath Exhibition: the work begins



Some of the papers from The Stirling McGrath Archive (Images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)

‘Asylums, Pathologies and the Themes of Madness: Patrick McGrath and his Gothic Contemporaries’, a symposium to mark the emergence of a new Patrick McGrath archive at Stirling, is to be held at the University’s library on Saturday January 16th 2016. Potential speakers are encouraged to submit abstracts by next Friday 16th October. As a way of whetting the appetite for the day itself, we are delighted to share here some images of a small selection of materials from the archive (with special thanks to the photographer, Tanja Jurković). I’d also like to thank two PhD students in the Division of Literature and Languages at Stirling — Fanny Lacôte and Ben Noad — for arranging some of the materials. We are pleased to confirm that there will be an extensive exhibition on the day of the symposium and that delegates will be able to spend time perusing some of the collection. Patrick has donated a wealth of materials to the University and so far we have discovered books of automatic writing, several drafts of his novels, early promotional materials, his comments upon screenplay adaptations of his work, research material for his novels, and a complete set of first editions of his works (and this list is by no means exhaustive).

Enjoy some of the images below (which you can click-on to enlarge): there are more to come and the exhibition for the symposium is set to present a fantastic insight into the working-life of one of our finest contemporary Gothic novelists.

McGrath's notes on the screenplay for _The Grotesque_

McGrath’s notes on his screenplay for The Grotesque (Images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)



A draft on Martha Peake with an accompanying promotional image (this image (c) Tanja Jurkovic)

A draft of Martha Peake and press picture (Image (c) Tanja Jurkovic)



Early writings (Images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)












More drafts: The Grotesque screenplay and ‘The Other Psychiatrist’ (images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)


Promotional flyers for public events (images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)

Promotional flyers for public events (images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)


Early writings (images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)

Early writings (images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)


Any researchers who wish to work on the archive on Friday 15th January — the day before the symposium — should email and we will try to arrange access. There will be more updates posted here as our work on curating the exhibition evolves over the coming months.


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