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‘Asylums, Pathologies and the Themes of Madness: Patrick McGrath and His Gothic Contemporaries’
With Support from the International Gothic Association and The Wellcome Trust
Saturday January 16th
University of Stirling Library, Andrew Miller Building, University of Stirling
Symposium Schedule

Register Now:


08.45 – 09.30: Registration and Coffee (Atrium)


09.30 – 10.30: Opening Plenary (Library, Level 3, Enterprise Zone, Room 1/2)

Professor Sue Zlosnik (Manchester Metropolitan University)

‘Patrick McGrath: Reluctant Gothicist

Chair and Opening Remarks: Dr Matt Foley


10.30 – 11.00: McGrath Exhibition Opens (Library, Level 2, Reading Rooms. Coffee in the Atrium. 


11.00 – 12.30: Parallel Morning Sessions (Panels A and B)

Panel A: The Gothic, Madness and Gender (Library, Level 3, Enterprise Zone, Room 1)

Chair: Dr Matt Foley

Laura Kremmel (Lehigh University; Wellcome Trust Bursary)

Stella; Or, The Wrongs of Woman in McGrath’s Asylum

Dr Donna Mitchell (University of Limerick; Wellcome Trust Bursary)

”Watching, watchers, watchers. We’re all watching each other”: The Divided Self and Feminine Madness

Dr Alan Gregory (Lancaster University)

Skeletons in the Closet: Disrupted Performances of Able-Bodied Heterosexuality in Patrick McGrath’s The Grotesque

Panel B: Madness on Screen (Library, Level 3, Enterprise Zone, Room 2)

Chair: Kelly Gardner (University of Stirling)

Dr Catherine Pugh (Independent Scholar)

Unreal Realities and Dreaming Nightscapes: Delusional Landscapes in Contemporary Horror

Evan Hayles-Gledhill (Reading University)

Sex, Death and Psychiatrists: monstrous genre and audience complicity in Asylum and Hannibal

Manuela Adrigan (University of Innsbruck)

Bloody Faces, Insanity and Lost Mothers in American Horror Story: Asylum


 12.30 – 13.30 Lunch for Speakers and Academic Attendees (Haldane’s Eatery)


13.30 – 15:00 Parallel Afternoon Session I (Panels C and D)

Panel C: Millennial McGrath (Library, Level 3, Enterprise Zone, Room 1)

Chair: Dr Matt Foley (University of Stirling)

Dr Eleanor Beal (Lancaster University)

Narcissus in the Jungle: Art and the Primitive Impulse in Patrick McGrath’s Port Mungo

Dr Evert Jan van Leeuwen (Leiden University)

The Lunacy of ‘Single Vision’: The Head-is-a-House Metaphor and Ideological Discourse in Patrick McGrath’s Martha Peake

Dr Michela Vanon Alliata (University of Venice)

The Shrink and ‘the sick old bird with a broken wing’: Memory and Healing in Patrick McGrath’s Trauma

Panel D: Madness, Identity and Horror in the Asylum (Library, Level 3, Enterprise Zone, Room 2)

Chair: Laura Kremmel (Lehigh University)

Franziska Kohlt (University of Oxford)

Shifting Identities: Visual and Literary Incarnations of Victorian Psychiatric Thought

Karen Graham (University of Aberdeen)

Wicked Girls: Oz as Asylum/Asylum as OZ

Dr Neil McRobert (Independent Scholar)

It’s a Madhouse, What did you expect?: The Legend of the Asylum in Popular Culture


 15.00 – 16.30: Parallel Afternoon Session II (Panels E and F)

Panel E: Sound, Spectacle and Insanity (Library, Level 3, Enterprise Zone, Room 1)

Chair: Fanny Lacôte (University of Stirling)

Dannie Hancock (University of East Anglia)

What happens when we can hear the Unreliable and Insane Gothic Narrator? Exploring subjectivity, intimacy and dis/embodiment in Patrick McGrath’s Radio Reading of ‘The Smell’

Rebecca Duncan (University of Stirling)

The Asylum at the Edge of the Anthropocene: Poverty, Pathology and Postapartheid (Bio)Politics in Roger Ballen’s Gothic Documentary

Tanja Jurković (Independent Scholar)

In Search of Identity: Madness, the Gothic and Found Footage Horror

Panel F: Mental Illness and Trauma in McGrath’s ‘neurogothic’  (Library, Level 3, Enterprise Zone, Room 2)

Chair: Dr Neil McRobert (Independent Scholar)

Dr Martyn Colebrook (Independent Scholar)

‘There are many weird creatures in the menagerie of neurological disorder’: Patrick McGrath’s Trauma

Ben Noad (University of Stirling)

Monsters of mind – ethics, art, and the spectre of functional sites: mental illness in the Gothic imaginings of Patrick McGrath

Daniel Southward (University of Sheffield)

The Memory Trap in Early McGrath


16:30 – 17:00: Coffee (Atrium) or Exhibition Viewing (Library, Level 2, Reading Rooms)


17:00 – 18:00: Closing Plenary (Library, Level 3, Enterprise Zone, Room 1/2)

Professor Lucie Armitt (University of Lincoln)

‘Crossing the Line: McGrath’s Constance and Railway Phobia’

Chair: Dr Matt Foley

Promotional flyers for public events (images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)

Promotional flyers for public events (images (c) Tanja Jurkovic)

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