Interview with a Greek Vampire, Part 2

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The first part of the interview with Panos Pilatos, as well as a short biography, you can read here.

A third part will follow shortly.

Part 2

5 January 2012


AS: Are you in contact with some vampires from other countries?

PP: Periodically yes, I have contacted people who follow vampiric paths or have already achieved [vampiric] Transformation. I have retained very few of these contacts, while others have done something analogous in other occasions. Today I have an infrequent communication, based on respect and formal honesty, with just a female American elder, with a nocturnal hybrid male vampire musician, from America too, and with a misanthropic hybrid female vampire from Norway.

AS: What is your personal philosophy? Explain to me your notion of antisocial vampirism. In America, for example, vampirism in Satanic (Left-hand path) groups means apotheosis, and is a metaphorical notion; they prohibit blood and believe in the development of the self (Temple of the Vampire, Order of the Vampire, Order Strigoi Vii). Other groups drink blood ( or practice psychic vampirism (Michelle Belanger’s House Kheperu). Have you been influenced by any of these groups?

PP: In order that you understand my perspective, I will put it this way… I deny any religion, because religions, beyond being one-dimensional paths, they are human constructions, embellished with divine inspiration or origin. In the same way, I cannot identify with any vampiric or other kind of Esoteric group, because their rules have been dictated by their founders or their self-proclaimed leaders. As I said earlier, independence and self-determination  is something more than important for me. I have developed a whole newly-created branch of Esoterism in order to achieve to find my path without being dependent on the instigations of others. I have reconstructed the Luciferian viewing, combining it with Esoteric paths and with my Vampiric Apocalypse (Revelation).  And I refer to Luciferian viewing, because that was the first I identified with and with which I found the courage to leave behind me a traumatic past. Before I explain to you what I mean by the idea of Antisocial Vampirism, I need to tell you a few words about my own Luciferian Thesis/Elaboration. I call this Esoteric Luciferian Mysticism, and is an individual antireligion of freedom. The Luciferian-Esoteric Mystic is one who has already understood the prison of Catechism  ( towards which we are all tumbling down from the day we are born, pushed by the Establishment of Ideas and by the Clergy and their creation of sheep [mentality]) and who has found the courage to escape ( I have written a related essay, but like most of my works, I have difficulties finding a publisher here in Greece). Lucifer expresses the repressed magnificence. The victim of the utmost cruelty. The banished son. The one who has been denied the right to shine because he dreamt of becoming the sun. The one who has been precipitated into the frozen lethe (river of oblivion, in Greek mythology), but found the vigour to stand up again, to heal his/her deep wounds and to be transformed within an alternative path. I am not referring to Satanic practices. For me Classic Satanism is not very different than Christianity, because it is bound by a dogmatic approach, with an intense element of stupid vindictiveness. In order not to expatiate on, and in order to say a few words about Antisocial Vampirism, the short etymological definition I offer is this: “Antisocial Vampirism is the condition in which a human being is driven in a spiritual, mental and very often physical turn towards the archetype of the vampire, because of his/her denial to keep pace with the decayed social facts, or because of misanthropy, special health problems, influences from subcultural commands or, finally, because of the combination of the above elements”. In regards to the communities you refer to, I will say that I do follow and examine their development or stagnation, but I feel disinclined to involve myself further. And if I have to refer to something as an “influence”, I will chose INDICATIVELY and TRANSCENDENTALLY (I stress this) the following: Aleister Crowley, the Cthulu Mythos, Eliphas Levi, Enochian Magic, Hermetic Philosophy, Necromancy, Zoroastrianism, Bhagavant-Gita, specific views of such Orders as the Arcanum Arcanorum, the Werewolf Order, and the Order of the Left Hand Path, as well as creators such as William Blake, Edgar Allan Poe, David Lynch, Alan Moore, the music and lyrics of Jim Morrison, Pink Floyd, and Depeche Mode, London After Midnight, New Order, Rotting Christ, Dead Can Dance, Paradise Lost, Dreadful Shadows or Katatonia.

AS: What do you mean with psychic energy and for what reasons do you use this? Would you name yourself a “psychic vampire”, “sanguine vampire”, or a “hybrid vampire”?

The Old Force, that which pulled the strings in the remote past, was blood. Blood was, once, “Sacred”. Necessary for devotional or mystical reasons. Necessary for inspiration. necessary as the crown of power. necessary as food for vampires. Today, in the era of the reign of networks, in the era of of negativity and recession, in these new Middle Ages where dreams are belittled or even annihilated for the glorification of Desperation, emotions are the new energy. As I have written in a research magazine, “psychic and emotional energy instincts/desires are the essence of existence. The new Force”. This is then the New Food for the New Vampires. Humans have always transmitted energy. The aura, for example, which became tangible for the first time with Kirlian photography, is one of the energy transmissions of humans, the one that shows the temper or health condition. It is accepted for decades now that the transference of a part of human energy from one body to the other is possible, as long as  the donor has a predisposition and the receiver the ability. Such receivers, completely ideal, are the Meta-Psychic Vampires. In some way, whatever the old Vampires expressed, the Revenants and the Living Dead, has been conserved as–lets call it–atmosphere, but the Psy-Vamps and the Emotional Vampires hold now the sceptre. This is the most powerful position of the evolutionary process of Vampires. You ask “for what reasons I use psychic energy”. It is like asking me why I breathe, although I understand it is not such a simple fact. I have realised that because of the psychic energy I draw, I grow stronger, I can cope with bigger difficulties, even succeed in overcoming obstacles which under different circumastances would have overwhelmed me. You know something? Many Psy-Vamps or Emotional Vampires do not even know thei ability. Many will never learn it, and also many have never had any relation to the Dark Arts or even Gothic culture. Personally, I was slow in comprehending this ability, and the ways with which I could develop it. When I realised this happening, however, I was deeply hurt, because I understood that for a long time I was drawing psychic energy from one person I adored, unconsciously causing their decline, clearly first of all psychic, but also physical. because this is what happens to Donors: their life shortens. They become ill. Later, with other Donors, I found out that it is possible to return what you gain from them. If you realise your characteristic as a Pump, and you have the quality of spirit to respect the gift you receive, then you can offer to your Donor a kind of happiness, which usually combines the gaiety of love with erotic pleasure, and a feeling of security and usefulness. In regards to your question  “what I consider myself”, I find it difficult to confine myself to only one of the labels you refer to, because, as those who follow my art or are acquainted with me personally, know, i ma too complicated in relation to my Path as a Mystic.

AS: What role does blood play in your philosophy? When do you use it? What does it mean to you? How do you receive blood and from whom?

PP: Blood needs to stream. It needs to gush out, to flow, to engrave paths and lulls to sleep memories. It is a stamp and a capping-stone, and as such I have used it in certain levels of  Initiation. In addition, I use it as a seal or record of events that have marked me, and occasionally sexually. Of course I prefer to receive blood in the traditional way of biting. And I love to give myself for exchange. The exchange of blood can be compared to the rarest of miracles.

To be continued …

© Panos Pilatos, Aspasia Stephanou.

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