Fear Horror and Terror! CfP alert

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This is a call for presentations, and an introduction to the project as it stands. The deadline for the CfP is 15th April 2016, so please do share it widely and quickly! This event will be 10th Annual International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Fear Horror and Terror, organised by Inter-disiplinary.net. It is my second as project lead.

First, the details – what is this CfP about??

Dates: Friday 9th September – Sunday 11th September 2016
Location: Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom


Fear, Horror and Terror can be seen as the defining experiences and political tools of modernity, shaping public spaces, discourse, and popular culture. This is the era of the ‘War on Terror’, in which terror is politically, culturally, even racially defined. We are constantly confronted with, consuming, and discussing media images of horror, both fictional and factual. This year’s 10th interdisciplinary Fear, Horror and Terror conference explores the production and dissemination these concepts and experiences as a political, cultural, and media commodity. We invite participants to consider questions such as:


* How fear, horror, and terror manifest in everyday life, popular culture, fiction, society, communities and politics?


* How experiences or images produced by/about fear, horror and terror shape or direct the way we understand the world?


* What are the underlying power structures that determine how and why representations of fear, horror and terror are disseminated, and to whom?


* How can we communicate, contain and overcome the effects and consequences of fear, horror and terror?


Does this sound interesting? Then check out the full details of the cfp and event.



What does it mean, that I am the Project Lead and what is Inter-disciplinary.net?


Well, back in 2011 I was considering a return to postgraduate study, and I thought that a good litmus test of my preparedness was a conference. Oh sweet summer child! Little did I know that plenty of people don’t present at a conference until the second year of a PhD – and I didn’t even have a masters degree. However, my paper on the Derridean aporia on forgiveness in vampire fiction (I know!!) was accepted for the 9th Monsters and the Monstrous conference at Mansfield College, and off I went. I didn’t know enough to be nervous, and it turned out this was for the best – what a great atmosphere, and what welcoming people!


I made lasting friendships at that conference, not just professional contacts. I left feeling that, yes, academia was somewhere I belonged, and could flourish. Soon, the Project Lead got in touch to say ID.net needed volunteer Meeting Managers, to be onsite conference staff – expenses and room and board, guaranteed. A nice student summer opportunity, and for a non-profit organisation whose ethos of collegiality I enjoyed being part of, and developing. Last year, the opportunity to lead the Fear, Horror and Terror project came up – and it was a perfect match for my interests.


But why call it a project not just a conference?


Because it can be so much more! ID.net has been running conferences and publishing collections of essays that develop from these meetings for nearly 20 years. It is still developing, and wants to use new technologies to create and sustain research networks. I am currently developing a plan for accessible versions of conference papers to be recorded for YouTube and podcast. True inter-disciplinarity reaches beyond the academy – to creators of the arts, practitioners of psychology and psychiatry, to journalists reporting on the world, to medics engaging with the impact of events and society on bodies.


Fear, Horror and Terror are embodied experiences, political and social buzzwords, emotive journalistic language, potentially transcendental states of psychological experience, cathartic experiences in the social setting of the cinema… but we’re Gothicists, we know all that!

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