CFP for panel at Somatechnics International Conference

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CFP for panel at:

Somatechnics International Conference

Missing Links: The Somatechnics of Decolonisation

Linköping University, Sweden

June 17-19, 2013

Keynote speakers: Sara Ahmed, Susan Stryker, Alexa Wright, Jasbir Puar, Madina Tlostanova and Catherine Waldby.

Roundtable speakers: Kate?ina Kolá?ová, Ulrika Dahl, Monica Casper and Jenny Sundén.

Where be Dragons? Locating Contemporary Monsters

Where do monsters lurk in digital times? Are they still under your bed, in the closet, in graveyards and dusty attics? Or have they already infiltrated your phone, your laptop, your Facebook account, blog and Gmail?

This panel aims to go in search of present day, supernatural beasts (and survive, preferably). It therefore invites papers that engage with mapping monstrous entanglements of everyday technology, embodiment and tales of the supernatural, pointing out where ghosts and ghouls roam these days as well as who and how they haunt.

Possible topics for papers might be, but are not limited to:

– Digital embodiment as monstrous embodiment

– Hauntology, the uncanny and monster theory

– Posthuman ethics

– Trolling

– Horror web series, video games and Alternate Reality Games

– Mythologies of the ‘Deep Web’ – the un-indexed parts of the web.

– The agency of non-human, virtual agents, such as memes, viruses, avatars, accounts on social media, etc.

– Found footage/point of view horror films such as Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project, Ghostwatch and Grave Encounters and ghost hunter programmes such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters.

If you have any questions regarding the panel or would like to send in a paper proposal, you are very welcome to contact Line Henriksen at Deadline for abstracts is 22 March 2013, with possibility for extension.

The panel is part of the 7th international Somatechnics Conference. The idea of somatechnics, which has gained wide critical currency since it was first coined, reflects an understanding of corporeality, embodied subjectivity and sociality as always already produced by, and imbricated with, a wide range of contextual practices, technologies and techniques.

We invite papers from any relevant area of enquiry – history, philosophy, postcolonial theory, critical disability studies, feminism, queer theory and more – that engage with and unsettle the notion of missing links.

For more information about the Somatechnics Conference, please go to our website at or follow us on Facebook:

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