Twilight and Real Vampires

Posted by Aspasia Stephanou on November 26, 2009 in Blog tagged with

While the 18th century was infected with the epidemics of the plague and the belief in the vampires of folklore as contagious monsters, the last few years we are witnessing the epidemic of a new kind of vampire: Stephanie Meyer’s domesticated Romeo, “a sanitized clean teen fantasy” (Glennis Byron, Gothic Shakespeares, 169). The infectious disease affects 15 year old girls and their mothers.

However, I just happened to come across a discussion by real vampires criticising the following abc News video and article today. Real vampires have been out there for a long time, but recently because of the widespread appeal of Twilight and True Blood, they have become more popular. Their “spokesperson”, high-priestess of vampire media, Katherine Ramsland (The Science of Vampires, Piercing the Darkness:Undercover with Vampires in America Today) , a kind of Van Helsing, seems to appear everywhere when vampire subcultures are discussed. Her books on Anne Rice and her (ambiguous) relation to vampirism make her a "specialist" for such matters.

If Stephanie Meyer needs her vampire books to preach people her mormon beliefs ( a simplistic view), the real vampires of these popular videos and along with them Ramsland are the media vampires searching for the blood of fame and money.

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