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I am a PhD student at the University of Hertfordshire as part of the Open Graves, Open Minds project. My thesis title is ‘The Development of the Literary Werewolf: Language, Subjectivity and Animal/Human Boundaries’. My particular interest is ecoGothic and how this affects our understanding of hybrid monsters. My Twitter handle is @KajaFranck.

Company of Wolves, 3rd-5th September 2015 Thumbnail

Company of Wolves, 3rd-5th September 2015

Posted by Kaja Franck on July 28, 2015 in Guest Blog, Kaja Franck, News tagged with , , , , , ,

In Glen Duncan's The Last Werewolf (2011), one of the characters states that 'Werewolves are not a subject for the academe'. Though this is a little sobering if you are undertaking a PhD on werewolves, I'd suggest that the past few years have shown that this is not the case. Leslie Sconduto's Metamorphoses of the Werewolf (2008) has given a classical depth to the study of lycanthropy in literature whilst Sky's Penny Dreadful (2014-) has made their sole American character, the lupine Ethan Chandler, into a twisted version of Stoker's Quincey Morris from Dracula (1887). With werewolves