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New Hammer Serialisation

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Hammer is back from "Beyond The Rave".


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ITV are currently showing Season 1 of the US TV show Dexter. Even if quasi-police dramas set in Miami that feature serial-killer protagonists don't sound like your usual cup of tea, I'd strongly recommend this one. Dexter Morgan is a forensics officer in a Miami police department, the adopted son of a policeman who found him at a crime scene as a toddler. He has a good relationship with his sister (also in the police force) and most of his colleagues, and with his girlfriend and her two small children. He's also a serial killer and a sociopath, trained by his adopted father to channel his urg

Mass Goth Wedding in Transylvania

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Halloween 2008

Trinity College Dublin

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1950s Popular Culture Conference

A Bipolar Discussion through Texts by Walpole and Jackson

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Edinburgh Reading Group

Gottfried Benn’s morbid poetry

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Gottfried Benn’s morbid poetry Little Aster   A drowned drayman was humped on to the slab. Someone or other had jammed a dark light violet      aster between his teeth. And as I, working with a long knife under the skin from the breast cut out tongue and gums, I must have knocked it for it slid into the adjacent brain. I tucked it into his breast cavity for him between the cotton wads as he was being sewn up again. Drink your fill in your vase! Rest in peace Little aster!    Beauty and cruelty, existence and death, nihilism. Gottfried Benn’s po

Playboy Gothic

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I’ve been nurturing a fascination for Playboy Magazine, or, more precisely (as the old joke goes) a fascination for the fiction. Curiously, since the first issue in 1953 through to the late 1960s, Playboy published a great number of Gothic tales, many of them subsequently anthologized in The Playboy Book of Horror and the Supernatural (1967). This naturally prompts a number of questions: why Gothic fiction? Why does an aesthetically middle-brow publication known primarily for its glossy images of corn-fed, semi-clad, girl next door types include tales of horror and distress? There are

Gothic CFPs

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Fashioning Postmodern/Postcolonial Bodies The deadline for abstracts is: 30 May 2008 The call for papers may also be found at http://www.conferencealerts.com/seeconf.mv?q=ca1x0ssa Westminster University 5-6 September 2008 Call for Papers We are seeking papers exploring the intersections of fashion and text/film in postmodern/postcolonial cultures. Possible topics include (but are not limited to): .    Hybridity .    Parody .    Performativity .    Size 0 .    Cyberpunk .    Simulation .  &

Modern Love

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Alex Frayne's Australian cult psychodrama on DVD

Edinburgh Gothic Reading Group

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We have just opened a Gothic reading group here in Edinburgh. We will be considering texts from different centuries, and in a very Gothic, transgressive way, we will be switching back and forth in time in order to get a taste of the various styles of the genre. We welcome any student who lives in Edinburgh and would like to join the group. For further information email Ilse Marie Bussing Click here to email this user